The Gift of Faith - And Exactly How This May Help You

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Published: 08th August 2012
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As born-again christians in the Lord, one thing that all of us will need to have is a certain amount of belief in the Lord. Without faith in the Lord, we won't be ready to connect with Him.

The Bible even tells us that we're all given a particular "level" of faith so we can have the process started with the Lord. And then as you keep growing within your personal connection with the Lord, therefore you begin to increase in your knowledge levels of the Lord and all of His ways, your faith will quickly develop.

Then again, there comes a time in your life in which all of a sudden the Lord may request you to take action that'll be away from your safe place. So when that happens, you will believe that you might not have enough faith as well as trust to do exactly what He's requesting you to do.

You may be walking past a house that has just caught burning, and God may request you to run inside and help save a child who may be trapped inside. If that should ever take place, you will believe that your belief levels aren't going to be good enough or high enough to trust in precisely what He is suggesting that you do because you have never performed anything like this before.

If this should actually occur to any of you, realize there's a gift of the Holy Spirit that may be presented to you right there at that moment which will let you go into that burning house and help save that kid's life. And that gift will be the gift of faith.

This gift of faith is going to be coming direct from the Holy Spirit. It will not be your own limited faith, it will be the faith of the Holy Spirit Himself which will arise within you and then provide you with the full faith and trust so that you can make this happen for the Lord.

Occasionally our own faith levels is not sufficiently good to get the job done with the Lord. Worry not to mention major scare might emerge, that will stop us from even attempting to give something like this a shot. But when you have the faith and the boldness of the Holy Spirit arise in your soul, then you will possess the faith, courage as well as boldness to do whatever God is asking you to do for Him.

And often this is exactly how big magic are brought down from heaven, by operating on bigger levels of faith that may come direct coming from the Holy Spirit Himself.

If some of you ever get swept up in a minute where you are extremely weak as well as very afraid to take steps designated for the Lord, and you do not think you've got adequate faith to accomplish exactly what the Lord is suggesting that you do, go to Him in prayer and request Him to release this gift of faith up in you through His Holy Spirit among His 9 gifts.

If you do, He'll then allow the Holy Spirit to get this done for you. Once He does, you'll then acquire more than sufficient faith, boldness and bravery to accomplish the task that God is wanting you to do for Him.

It is a different one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit that can be a major life saver as explained in the previously mentioned scenario.

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